Dock a Tot love

I have had quite a few people ask about her sleeping patterns and what we have been doing. We felt like when we got home form the hospital she was to little to fit in the Snoo sleep sack, so we had her sleep on our bed, in her Dock a Tot. It also helped me when I had to get up with her because of her reflux. Now that we are figuring that out I feel much more comfortable with her in the Snoo. 

For the Dock a Tot we use it for naps, when she is hanging out, and we also use it for sleeping like I mentioned above. I plan to travel with it and I think it will be so nice because she will be used to the item she has already been sleeping in. 

I would totally recommend to get an extra cover if you can and the carrying bag for the Dock a Tot for travel and for when your other one is super dirty because that does happen for sure. 

The link is here for the Dock a Tot and I hope you love yours! I would love to hear your experience with it as well! 

The dress I am wearing in this post is from Roolee and I love love all their dresses! Make sure to check them out! 

Hospital Bag- Little Rooney Lowe

I had this all ready to go and then I went into labor 2 weeks early! Glad I had my bags packed and had done a lot of searching around for what to bring! Now I can tell you what I actually used an didn't! 

Keep in mind we spent a week in the hospital so we had more time there then normal. I will try to separate what additional items we brought.

Diaper Bags:

Fawn Design Diaper Bag: I love this bag. The only thing I would say to get in addition is some dividers for the inside to easily find items, but I bought one from a QVC line, and can't find the name now, but it has made a huge difference. They price around $160 but I will tell you they hold up, they are durable, rain proof, and they carry a lot of stuff. 

Freshly Picked: Since I wrote this I have also found a few other bags I love a lot also. I have been using the Freshly Picked Diaper bag for sometime now and it is great. It is so spacious and has great pocket space for items. This one also prices around $170 but it's very much worth it. 

Happ Diaper Bag: This is my favorite from this brand. I love love the backpack feature, and how deep it is and easy to organize as well. This one is also $170 ish and I am just as in love with it. 

BoppyI brought it thinking it would help but I felt way more comfortable just holding her in my arms.  (UPDATE) I love my boppy and use it all the time, I also use it for her to try to sit up in now. Totally recommend this. 

Stuffed animal: Her bunny is the stuffed animal we are using as her growth measurer and also as her best friend and sleep friend! :) This bunny is from Jelly Cat and they are so darling. We use it for a picture right after she was born! 

Binkie:  We are using the nature sutten binkie. It has been so good, she does prefer one of the nipple types, over the other so I can't use the round nipples. I am not sure if that is cause she started on one, or just likes the other cause it's easier to fit in her mouth! 

Bathing Items: We chose to wait to bathe her until day 5 because I wanted the vernix to really sink into her skin, but she had an IV in her head so they took it out and her hair needed to be washed. So we are use the Tubby Todd soap and lotion, which is organic and her skin has done great with. We are also using the dream cream, and I used it a tiny bit on her face and legs where she got a rash and it was gone a day later. I love love how gentle it is and helpful it has been. We also brought her towel, and they provided us with a scrubber to wash her hair. I also got some bamboo washcloths from Copper Pearl, I love love them. 

Onesies: We used Loved Baby for the first 4-5 weeks pretty exclusively, nothing else fit her. We also love Olivia Onesies   

We've worn tons of kimonos as well from Gerber, they fit her best right now as well. I do have another band Luvable that I got on Amazon but they are a tiny to big on her. 

We love our Top Knots turbans so much. It is just her thing :) She loves wearing them! Okay really, she looks so cute in them so we are rolling with it. She had an IV in her head for the first couple days of life so I had her in a turban a lot to help hide it. I knew people would freak out if they saw it, so it was a nice cover up! :) 

We also brought her Dock a Tot. She loved lounging in it, and I really loved having it at the hospital so that I didn't feel like I was always having to have her in my hands (which I did anyways for the most part ha), but it was nice for breaks for us. 

We brought tons of swaddles which was perfect because for the most part she lived in the swaddles and naked for the first week. We love our Copper Pearl, KB Cute Designs, and Mebie baby swaddles so much! They were so nice to have and different textures to see what worked best for her. 

We love love the brush we got for her hair! It is by Haakaa USA brush. We love love it. it's so soft and she loves to have her hair brushed! 

Now for the things I brought for me! Lets start with the the headphones. I brought these to labor with to help me stay focused. Well I had a baby within 5 hours of my water breaking so they weren't needed. But I think if you are going unmedicated it would be a great idea. 

My Promptly Journal to update things from her birth, which we totally ddid because we have so much time and I am so glad we did so we don't forget all those feelings. It's a journal that follows them til they are 18 years old. It has been a favorite of mine during my pregnancy to use. 

My robe is from a friend of mine Karim, she is the best and got this for me in Mexico. I brought 3 robes and used them all. I loved having them for feeding. 

Dwell and Slumber dresses were some of my favorites to have and wear while we were in the hospital. I wore one the night my milk came in and it totally made it so I couldn't wear it again but now that I am home and it's washed it's amazing. 

Tubby Todd Niple Salve, was a major favorite. It helped my nipples adapt the first few days and she didn't mind it at all. I will totally use that again

Frida Mom Cleaner was amazing as well! It kept me feeling refreshed  :) I won't go into detail! 

I got lots of questions about my bra I wore during labor and it was from Free People. I really liked it and it was the perfect amount of coverage but still let me not feel super hot with layers. 

The breast pads I got from amazon, and they are HEAVEN! They block my milk from leaking all over my clothes and my nursing bras. I am obsessed with them and already bought an extra pack. 

If you have any questions feel free to ask, but this gives you the gist of everything I brought. We of course had more but this is at least an idea! We did bring our own pillows which made a huge difference, so keep that in mind! 



Week 37- The final week :)

What a week! Looking back now, it's crazy to think this was my last week of pregnancy.  Sunday we took it pretty easy and just hung out around the house. We went to dinner at my mom's house and the rest of the day just relaxed. Monday I had a doctor appointment and found out I was dilated to a 2 1/2 so we were moving steadily. We joked that it would be great to just have her this weekend so we could make sure we didn't have her when he was out of town. My doctor will be gone over the day that I was actually due. 

That evening, Trent and I went early to the Rio Tinto stadium to watch our favorite soccer team Manchester United. Trent had joked for weeks that I just couldn't go into labor before then, and luckily I didn't. I felt proud that I was able to hold it together. We had hoped that Wayne Rooney wouldn't have been transferred by then, but he had already signed with Everton and so the chance of us meeting him and telling him his name inspired our daughters name, was now not a choice. Nevertheless, it was an incredible game and experience getting to watch them in our home city. To expand a bit on the above statement, Trent's favorite player is Wayne Rooney. He one day joked about naming our daughter Rooney and while I laughed at first, I then realized how much I really loved the name. So it stuck and now we have our baby Rooney girl. We were so excited because a picture we posted at the game got reposted by the Manchester United official Facebook account. New goal is to somehow get Wayne Rooney to see a post from us and realize he was some good inspiration and send us some more jerseys! :) 

Tuesday I spent getting things together around the house and editing. I was really trying to be on top of organizing and preparing in case she came soon. Wednesday was the same thing, pretty mellow overall. I had a shoot that night with some good friends, and then went up to Albion Basin to meet Tracy Layne for some photos and I am so happy we did. They were some of my favorites and the last ones before baby girl came. There is a full blog post of them one post back also! :) 

Thursday was my final day of jobs and I was so anxious about going into labor before I worked them. I jokingly told people that I wanted to do all that I could so that it would put me into labor. Well looks like working a hard day with babies really paid off for me! That night we had bunco, and it was a great night and the weather could not have been better. 

Friday we went out to the movie Dunkirk with our friends Cortney and Kevin. I had her take a photo of me and Trent and kept saying you never know if this will be the last one of us, and yet once again it was! So shouldn't' he take one with me whenever I want now?? That day I had spent a few hours at my friend Tracy's and I am so glad now that I took some time to relax and spend time with friends before the weekend. Saturday we cleaned all day long. We organized our basement and got DI stuff set out, and really did a deep clean. I was so so tired that day and remembered thinking I felt so pregnant. She probably had been dropping all day prepping for that night. We went to dinner with our friends Bri and Jan and had such a good dinner, and then went to the REAL game. Trent has a video of me walking and I look sooooo pregnant. I was waddling so bad, and the heat made me feel like I kept having contractions. I had probably started labor earlier that day without realizing. That night my water broke and the rest is history. Our little Rooney joined us and we could not be happier. We are so excited for the life we have ahead of us. 

Baby size : Small watermelon 

weight gain: 130 pounds 

belly size : 39 inches 

Sleep: peeing every hour, and lots of rolling from her. I took lots of naps this week. 

Cravings: pasta, water 

Feeling: tired for sure! I feel like a broken record but I'm just super tired ha! I am feeling more patient with everything though and wanting her to come when she is ready! Also happy she is here now! :) 

Peak moment: Going into labor! Hello baby! 



37 Weeks Albion Basin

My dear friend Tracy had me meet her up at Albion Basin for a few last minute shots and good thing we did, because I went into labor about 4 days later. These images reflect so much of how I felt through pregnancy. Happy, elated, and proud to carry her. Just wanted to have them blogged so I never forget! 

Emmy + Trent Sand Dunes

Oh man, How will I ever explain this day ha? We started camping that morning from the weekend before and headed home. I got home went and got my makeup done by Jill Marie Makeup (best on earth), and then we met up with our Tracy Layne and headed out to the Little Sahara Sand dunes. We knew there was wind, but we were so unprepared. I had spent MONTHS looking for dresses and planning this out.

We got there and the wind was BAD, I mean bad. we couldn't even get out of the car without eating so much sand. 

We decided at that point to go try cause we thought it was mellowing out. We were wrong. We got up there and were still laughing so hard at it and that slowly turned into me crying and being so sad that this day wasn't working out. (talk abut control freak) But we pushed through, Trent was a CHAMP and Tracy was a godsend.

We only had one instance of me sitting on the floor crying and being so sad it wasn't perfect, but honestly that was okay! We did what we were there to do and that was capture images of Trent, me, and baby girl before she arrived to have for our lives! 

It was amazing and the images are all I could have ever hoped for. Can't thank Tracy enough for capturing our little family, we love you so much. 

Hope you love them! xoxo




I started this when I was pregnant with Rooney and now I am so glad I can finish it because I feel like I have a much better perspective of what I would want and wouldn't want. 

I will start with saying I was minorly obsessed with Mint Arrow, Corrine's baby registry list, for the past 7 years or whenever she posted it.  So hers is also a great reference or to compare. 



Pre Baby:

KDresses: This was a huge huge thing I was asked about during my pregnancy.  I only wore dresses and I couldn't do pants they hurt my belly so bad. When I was smaller I was doing the Target Maternity leggings but even those started to rub. Great news is, I am actually in the process of starting a company for Body con type maternity dresses, those will be coming soon!! No bunching on it, just cute modern chic dresses for you to wear all 9 months! I did love Forever 21, Asos, H&M, a few Amazon dresses though! I also love love Roolee and often just bought normal dresses and made them work with my belly.


Dwell and Slumber is a favorite local brand for the hospital, during pregnancy, nursing, and then when you aren't feeling really hot after having a baby ha. 

Stretch Mark Cream: I used the Belly Butter from Burts Bees for my belly. I  loved it. It's not to thick and it goes on smooth. I always buy it from Amazon here. 

Body Pillow: Leacho Snuggle Body Pillow, this was the travel one , then this is the one I use daily. It helped so much with my sleep. I really love it, but I will say the bigger I got, the less it really helped but I still used it every night.

For the Hospital: 

Dwell and Slumber Dress I loved having it for comfort and ease with nursing. 

Robe: I just bought one from Target, and then my cute friend Karim gifted me a silk one from Mexico, so I'm just going for open and comfy. I also wear a lot of just long dresses that are easily accessible for nursing. QNOOR just started making robes and I love it. It is pretty, comfy, and easy for nursing.

Birthing clothes: I birthed in a bralette from Free People. . I bought this one from Free People. 

I brought a long iPhone cord, snacks for the husband, snacks for my doula, photographer/videographer, and nurses. I don't do slippers but I have heard a ton of people say to bring slippers. 

My Promptly Journal to write in during relaxation time during labor, I have found that writing memories of her really helps mellow me out. Side note, I had NO relaxation time during labor, but I did use it a ton during the week after we had her, if she was getting shots or things like that. 

nursing pads: I got these from Amazon and I loved loved them. They are thick and don't seem to feel scratchy! Here is the link for them 

Frida Baby Washer: I loved loved having this. I also liked the hospital one but this one for sure has a better reach on it. It was really vital during recovery because the last thing I wanted to do was wipe, TMI, but it's true. 

Onesies: I am brought a few from Loved Baby, H&M, and then some kimono tops from Luvable Friends. Majority of the time we honestly kept her naked, but we were there 7 days and she was getting antibiotics every day so it was sometimes hard to have her in clothes. She also has a IV hep lock on her arm for part of the time. So we swaddled and were naked a lot. We also had her sleep exclusively in the kimono tops I linked above. Then when we had to change her diaper we didn't have take a onesie off of her in the night. That worked well for us. 

Her Room: 

Chair: I can't find it anywhere but we use the Bilana Rocker and we got it at Babinski in SLC. 

Crib: We got the Baby Mod from Walmart but you can find it on Amazon as well. I linked it here, I feel like it is super affordable and really simple and pretty. 

Wall paper: The bears are from Shop B Darling and I love love it. It was super easy to install and put up, and easily removable if we eventually decide to remove it. 

For Home:

Diapers: We tried Pampers and Huggies and after thinking we would only want Pampers, we have actually only used Huggies. The hospital used them and we fell in love with them. 

Wipes: We exclusively use Kirkland brand wipes. They are the perfect amount of soft and they are really affordable to me. I love love these wipes and honestly don't use anything else. 

Burp Cloths: We only used our ones from Copper Pearl or from the hospital. They are so great and thick and nothing was getting through them! I would for sure recommend them over and over again. 

Dock a TOT: we swear by our Dock a Tot. It is heaven. She slept in that in the hospital, in our bed when she first came home, and then whenever we travel. She really really loved it, and we loved it for convenience. We don't use it as much but with how much we used it during the first 6 months I would say it's worth it for sure. 

Tubby Todd: Oh how we love this stuff. The soap is so soft and delicate on their skin, it's the only thing we will use on Rooney. We also love love love THE DREAM CREAM. It is worth every single penny. We also have the all over ointment and it is really great for diaper rashes. I would recommend that for sure if you want something not to thick but organic. I really love all of their stuff and would swear by it all. For sure try it out. 

Frida Supplies: Love all of them. When she was first born we had to use the nose syringe because her nostril wasn't big enough but now it is perfect. We love the nose frida, we love the medicine attachment, we love the women cleaner that I mentioned above. It really has been a great trusted company to use. I also love love their clippers! They are amazing and have a little hole you can see through to see what you are clipping.  

MamaRoo 4: We love this but Roo wasn't super into it. I am hoping our next baby will like it more. I feel like it is either a hit or miss. 

THE SNOO: I have talked about our SNOO a million times but I swear by it. We didn't use it till she was about a month or so old due to her being so tiny but then we consistently used it for almost 5 months. We actually just transitioned her out of it and I could cry about not having it. A few other options I have heard are great are the Green Frog Bassinet  or the HALO

Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail: This has been our favorite one since it doesn't let the smell escape or linger. I have heard other moms say they don't have one they just bring it right out but that hasn't worked for me so I am so happy I have had this. 

Stroller- City Select Double: We plan to have our kids close together so I am glad we went with this. I have traveled with it and never had any issues as well as found adapters for my car seat. It is a great stroller and awesome for storage while you are out and about with your kids. It is expensive I will say that but if you are planning to use it for all of your kids I think it is worth it. 

Nuna Pipa Car seat: I love this carseat. It is clean and sleek and great quality. It is easy easy to clean and super light weight. I am glad we will have this for a few babies. 

Como Tomo Bottles: I have exclusively breast fed Rooney but the times that I need to give her a bottle she has loved these ones and uses them exclusively. 

Natursutten BinkyShe has been on and off again with a pinky but overall loves it. She uses the orthodontic ones. We also bought a Wubba Nub and my husband sewed a natursutten binky onto it so that we could still use it. So if you are crafty this would be a great option.

Binky Clips: We love the binky clips from either Ryan and Rose or NomiLu. Both are simple and basic and clean looking. 

BABY WEARING: I get asked about this a lot. I wanted to talk about my favorite wraps and why I love them. 

My Wild Bird:  Wild bird is a sling that is used for baby wearing. It is a way to connect with your baby and give them the constant touch while being able to get things done with both hands. Rooney didn't do great with this type of wearing until about 2-3 months in. She was so tiny that she barely fit to be placed properly. We went to one of their photoshoots and they were amazing getting us all fitted but I have found it hard to get that exact touch. I just need to practice more. 

 Solly Baby Wrap: This was my favorite one for when she was tiny tiny. It wrapped her close to my body, was a soft fabric and Trent even liked wearing it. I still use my solly a lot but I for sure loved this when she was tiny. 

Boppy WrapThis is brand new and I am obsessed with it. It's a mix of a Solly and an Ergo. It is so comfy and honestly perfect for her size. I would recommend this one for 3 months and on and for a 5-6 hour outing type day. This will be the one we bring to Europe. I would highly recommend this one.

Ergo Wrap: This one is AMAZING for football games, hiking, and any long outing that you don't mind it not being super snuggly. We loved this one and will be using it all fall I am sure for football and soccer games. I would also recommend this one for longer outings. 

High Chair: Boon High Chair So we splurged. I asked for this from my mom for my only gift for little girl and we splurged when it was on sale.  With that said I also LOVE the IKEA one, it is like $30 and works great. I also am trying another new one out soon, so I will let you know how that one goes! 

Bubs and Windy Play Gym: We loved this play mat so much. It is very pretty so I loved keeping it out and she loved the toys that came on it. It's a little higher priced but for something that stayed out all the time I preferred a neutral color. 

Swaddles and Crib sheets: 

Favorite company for both of these starts with Copper Pearl. They are a client of mine, so I've seen the quality from the beginning and it's amazing. They have the best prints, beautiful quality, and honestly just ran by amazing people. We have quite a few crib sheets, changing covers, and swaddles from them and I can't wait. They started making bibs and I love those as well, especially for teething babies. They just started making burp cloths, and I honestly need them all. They are so thick and will suck up a lot of spit! ha

KB Cute Designs: We got some darling darling items from them. They also have great quality and more minimalist fabrics and then some really vibrant florals. I for sure used these the most often.

Mobile Baby :  I love the feel of her swaddles as well and her light weight blankets. 

Crib Sheets:  I love Copper Pearl and Rookie Humans so much. We are just starting crib sleeping so I hopefully will know more soon. 

Clothing and Bags

Rylee and Cru: Oh my gosh. Can't even tell you how much I love their product. Great quality and beautiful pieces. 

Rags to Raches: Darling rompers that are so comfy and easy to wear.

Loved Baby : We love love this brand. She lived in this onesie from the second she was born and now we primarily only use this for her jammies. 

Owlivia Newborn Onesie: It is another easy easy onesie that is zip upped. I loved them so much as well. 

Briar Handmade Bonnets: Loved these delicate little bonnets. They are so sweet and perfect for tiny little heads. 

Top Knots : If you follow us you know our obsession. I love love their turbans. We use them almost daily. They sell out fast so make sure to be ready for their drops. 

Bloom Headwraps: We also love love this brand for bows and top knots. They are perfect and have a lot of variety. They also sell out fast so be ready! 

Baby Bling: They have the most darling bows and there are tons of variety. I love these ones as well. 

Little Poppy Co is a bow subscription and they are darling! I love the variety they come up with every month!  

Freshly Picked Diaper Bag: We love love this bag. The structure, and the sturdiness of it is awesome. I love this bag and how many pockets it has as well. 

HAPP BAG: I also love this bag. It is so beautiful and the backpack version is amazing. This is by far one of my favorite bags. 

Fawn Design Diaper Bag: Such a great bag and is so perfect for travel and day to day! We love our mini bag as well! 


Week 36 ๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’œ

This week we celebrated Trent's birthday! On Sunday he turned 30 and we wanted to just enjoy a low key mellow day together! We got up and headed up to  Park City for the day!  We have a yummy lunch, walk through the street market, and then saw the movie The Big Sick and had dinner. The movie was amazing. Best movie I've seen this year.

Monday I had my hair done, and speaking of that we had a few packages stolen from our house, I was so bummed about that. One of them was my hair extensions. I know I know first world problems but I was still bummed.  

This  week was really mellow with work,  Trent was working a million hours, and so I spent a ton of time editing, getting things out for clients, and organizing the house.

Wednesday we saw Dr. Smith,  and all was well!  No progression at this point,  but he was really happy I have made it to 37 weeks! I can't believe how quick it is coming and next thing you know we will be parents!  

That night we had dinner with his mom and sister to celebrate his birthday and then I got to go watch him play softball with his law firm! 

Friday night we went to another drive in and it was much cooler temperatures, and of course best snack food ever. I love movie food!  

Saturday his family threw us a shower and we spent the morning with them, and then that day he spent the day fixing our air conditioning unit and a neighborhood BBQ that night! It was a fun mellow week and I am so glad we've have time to just relax together before little girl comes!  

Hope everyone had a good week!! โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ 

 Baby size : ripe papaya

weight gain: 130

belly size : 39 inches

Sleep: peeing every hour, and lots of rolling from her. still rough ha- hasn't changed- still the same and taking lots of naps 

Cravings: PB and j, water, pasta 

Feeling: tired for sure! I feel like a broken record but I'm just super tired ha! I am feeling more patient with everything though and wanting her to come when she is ready!- 

Peak moment: celebrating Trent's birthday again, and then being together and our last shower! Such an amazing time we've have together! I can't wait to be a parent with him