Week 33 🌸💕💛☀️ Baby shower week!

This week was amazing. Last Sunday was Father's Day and we spent it at my sisters house and it was so nice to catch up with everyone and celebrate all the great fathers! It was so fun to wake up and celebrate with Trent also! he really will be the best dad ever! I can't wait to see him with her! 

Monday I was really focusing on relaxing so that I would be okay with my jobs for the week! I have been so tired lately, so when I have days off I'm trying to really relax! That night we went to dinner  with my in laws, to celebrate Father's Day and also my in laws 35th anniversary. My sweet father in law passed away 5 years ago, so it's nice when we get to go out and celebrate him as well! 

Tuesday I had a full day of shooting, and I was exhausted at the end! so it was all relaxing that night!

Wednesday my friend meg came over and helped me install the wallpaper in little girls room! It turned out perfect! We got it from Shop B Darling, and it was so so easy to install and looks amazing. Her room is really coming together! I had a doctor appointment  that day and all was looking great, so I don't have to go back for 2 weeks then I'm on weekly appointments. 

Thursday was my baby shower! I went to the pool that day with my little niece and mom, and it was so Nice to have some good Sun days this week! I live for the sun lately! 

When I arrived to the baby shower I could honestly not believe my eyes. It was so beautiful and just so amazing to see all my best friends there. My heart could not have been happier. 

Losing 2 babies last year was a doozy for sure, so now for things to be so real, it blows my mind. I sometimes sit and think I'm actually going to have a baby.  

So many of my closest friends showed up and my heart exploded. Baby girl is going to be so loved and has so many amazing women in her life. thank you to all my sweet friends who came and joined us! Meant the world! 

We got to chat, eat an amazing cake by Pippa Cakery, and then snack on the most amazing cookies by Cookies by Ivy.  I seriously can't thank everyone enough for coming and to my amazing friends for setting up the perfect shower.  

Friday I had another full day shoot, and that night we laid low, and just relxaxed from the week. Saturday I had a shower with the women in my church! It was so fun to see everyone and celebrate our little lady again! That night we went to the annual taco party our friends have! I actually haven't been able to go before 10 PM before because of weddings so I was stoked that I made it to the whole party!  

Needless to say it was a crazy week but so so fun! Only 6 weeks to go!  

Baby size : pineapple 🍍 

weight gain: 127 - still not consistent though 

belly size : 39 inches

Sleep: peeing every hour, and belly cramping like crazy! It will be so interesting to see how long I can go! 

Cravings: PB and j, tacos, water, ice cream 

Feeling: tired for sure! I seriously can barely keep my eyes open sometimes ha but overall happy and good! 

Peak moment: my baby showers! I just loved being with the people I love so much and celebrating baby girl! She got so spoiled and I can't thank everyone enough! 



Week 32 ⛺️🤰🏻☀️

Week 32 was a good one and full of so many adventures.  

So about 6 years ago 😂 I started dreaming about my maternity shoot. Then I got pregnant. And I thought about it over and over again. I was excited with this pregnancy when I realized I would get summer maternity shots, and not have to do winter maternity! I immediately wanted to do the Sand Dunes which has been such a magical place to me for so long. So we made the plans. We actually packed up Sunday to head home from camping, and I showered and went and got my makeup done. I was so happy my hair was working, makeup was perfect and I just was feeling so good. 

I had searched for my maternity gowns for honestly months. I had ordered like 5-10 gowns to try on, see how they fit, and find the right ones. I wanted something simple, and classic. I didn't want pattern or anything overly bright, and it's typically my go to for other maternity sessions also. 

We knew it was a little windy out there but I'm not sure we knew how windy. 😳 We got out there, and sand was just blowing everywhere. I kept saying oh it will be okay, it will mellow out. So we sat and waited. It didn't mellow out. It got worse at times if anything. We got out and shot a few pictures and we both just laughed hysterically. It was so comical. My hair was a mess, sand was building like crazy, and we seriously couldn't see. 

We decided to just get started so we got changed and put the next one on, and I'm telling you it just didn't let up. At one point I just sat down and cried. It sounds so silly but I had looked forward to think for so long. My husband came over and just said it's okay, you need to just be strong it will work out, and luckily tracy was such a gift and calm and telling us that it was working and beautiful. And it truly was. 

We shot for a while and my sweet husband was golden. He gave me so much support and juts dealt with this weather. I mean he was getting it just as bad but we kept going. It was exactly what I wanted in the end and I'm so glad we got to capture these images with baby girl.   

Cant thank Tracy enough for her amazing talent and sharing it with us. I am so grateful for such blessings in my life.  

Monday came and I had an appointment at the doctors. I have had BH my whole pregnancy as well as a little bit of pressure so they decided to check me and see where I was at, with no intentions or thinking I would be developed all ready. I am at a 1 1/2 and 70% effaced. The doctor wanted me to do a steroid for her lungs and some monitoring to be sure all was well. No worries or concerns, but just precautionary. So Tuesday I went in, was monitored, which she looked amazing, and hadn't changed on progression and received the first steroid shot. Glad that we got it just as a precaution and also glad she is just totally normal and fine. 

We had our final hypnobirthing class on Tuesday and I am a little sad it's over because it's been a guaranteed night a week of me and husband snuggling all night. So I'm making it a thing now. 😂 I love this time with him so much.

The next day I worked and then got my second shot, and once again all was amazing, so still hoping for an August baby!  

Thursday I photographed my cute friends twins newborns and man my heart melted. I can't wait for her to get here. That night we had bunco and of course it was the best. I love getting to see these women monthly and have them at my home. It really has just made me so happy to have friends monthly that we get to stop and just catch up. 

Friday I had a job during the day, with one of my favorite clients, and ended with a wedding that night for my sweet cousin up at Brighton with my parents and husband! 

Saturday was my final wedding until baby girl comes, and I woke up so so sick. I stayed in bed from 9-1:30 til I had to get up and get ready. Luckily I started to feel a bit better but I have to say I am glad I've been listening to my body.  

I just wanted to write and remind myself when I reread this one day, how happy I am. I am so glad I've taken time for me and Trent. I'm glad I've not pushed myself and I've been able to enjoy and love pregnancy. I truly am so happy and lucky. Thank you to everyone's support and love we have felt. ❤️

 Baby size : Florida Pomelo 

weight gain: 125 lbs - still fluctuating 

belly size : 39 inches 

Sleep: not great! Up every other hour. But it's okay! 

Cravings: wendys frosties, PB&J, apples 

Feeling: a bit tired, tight, pressure and oh so happy. 

Peak moment: maternity photos! And receiving them. They seriously are so amazing and everything I ever could have wanted. 



Prenatals for Pregnancy!

When I first got pregnant I had already been taking prenatal gummies since I had started trying the previous April. I didn't mind them at all when I wasn't pregnant but then I started having taste bud changes and started to HATE the prenatal gummies. I was so sick my first trimester I remember wondering how I would get them down each day ha. 

When I found out about Forte Elements Prenatals I was so excited to try them out and see if it was easier to get down, and most importantly didn't have the fish smell. The company was started by a primary orthopedic surgeon for the Brigham Young University football team. He had an athlete deal with an injury and slowly started to realize how much money it cost and how many pills you had to take to help build your strength! That's where his vitamins were formed!

I love the vitamins because it covers so many of the different supplements you need but yet is just in 4 pills a day. There are two soft capsules and two pills. There have been tons of reviews of change in hair and skin, which for me I haven't noticed. I have been pretty lucky with good skin my whole pregnancy and with my extensions I have no idea how my real hair is doing ha. 

They also have multiple other supplements and one other one I tried was the anti Nausea. I still use Diclegis at night, but I have been using this during the day because I really have been still feeling nauseous and it has been super helpful! I have noticed a huge decrease in feeling super tired and what not when I would get nauseous. 

Make sure to check them out and of course if you have any questions leave them below! I know how hard it is to find a reputable prenatal that doesn't feel so gross to get down, so I hope you enjoy it! 


31 weeks! ☀️⛺️

31 weeks! This week was busy again. I feel like I'll say that every week til she comes!  

Last Sunday I was lucky enough to shoot a twin birth story. I was so happy all worked out and both little girls were safe! It was so amazing to watch and honestly got me ready for when little girl arrives! 

Monday I had a few jobs and then was feeling pretty sick so I took it easy and that night we went and saw little girl at Fetal Fotos on a 3D and 4d ultrasound. first reactions for us both were here little lips. They are so plump and full! She seriously is going to be so beautiful. She also gave us a little smile in the ultrasound that made me so excited. Can't wait for this little lady to join us! 

Tuesday was super mellow which was nice, I once again was feeling pretty sick. I don't know why all the sudden but it's just part of the process! the rest of the week was fairly mellow with jobs and thuraday we had our birthing class again. I have talked about this a handful of times but I really do love it. It's been super helpful in getting us prepared and helping us manage the anxiety and worry that birth can bring. I can honestly say I feel so confident and calm about birth. 

Friday we packed up the bags and headed up camping to Payson lakes. Yes we camped ha. 8 months in and just wanted to have some fun! It was so beautiful and honestly everything we could have asked for. We slept in the back of our Honda Pilot on a full air mattress and it was perfect. I was pretty hot every night so that was nice compared to the past when I've been freezing camping. The worst was getting out to go pee in the middle of the night.  

We spent all Saturday at the lake kayaking, floating around, and just enjoying the outdoors. We all got a little sun burned 😳 But it really was so fun. I am sad we don't have any other weekends we could go this year.  

Here are the stats for this week! ❤️ 

Baby size : coconut 🌴 

weight gain: 127 lbs 

belly size : 38 inches

Sleep: getting harder and harder. Sleeping about 3-5 hours still. This week was the worst it had been. 

Cravings: fruits and veggies, water, not a ton unfortunately 

Feeling: lots of Braxton Hicks. nothibg much has changed honestly. Still having tons of contractions! 

Peak moment: being up camping away from it all. Man it was so nice to be in fresh air, at the lake, and just not having a care in the world. I can't wait to take her on trips like that. ❤️⛺️☀️