Welcoming the fall with friends

With fall rolling in and the brisk breeze outside we wanted a big welcome for my favorite time of year. I teamed up with my friend Erica Patten and we had a cozy lovely dinner in my back yard. We pulled inspiration from the colors of the leaves and something that felt warm and cozy. The weather was beginning to drop so we all bundled up in blankets and enjoyed the evening with friends all around us. We ate the yummiest Chicken Parmesan Pot pie, something my mama makes and is perfect for our welcome to fall. The name plates were done by Flora Calligraphy, and florals were done by Rachel Osguthorpe. The whole table scape was done by Emmy Lowe, Erica Patten and Rachel Osguthorpe, adding in a few copper details to set the fall tones. Such a great way to end Summer and begin Fall! 





First family trip 💛💛

We took our first family trip two weekends ago and it was perfect!  

I had to go out to California for some work, and we were super busy on our 8th anniversary, so we decided Trent and Roo would come with me and we would just make a vacation out of it!  

We flew in Friday afternoon (more info about flying here), and stayed at the San Diego Hilton Resort and Spa. It was seriously 10 minutes from the airport and tucked away in this quiet little part. We've done San Diego area before but never in the actual city! 

When we arrived they were so kind and helpful! They got us checked in, we had a whole pack of treats, and a fridge full of drinks! They left us a fire making kit and items for s’mores to go with our porch fire pit. It was by far Trent’s favorite part of the trip.  

Saturday we woke up and went to the pool. They have a big pool and kiddie pool, and Rooney dipped her feet in for the first time that day! They have an awesome water fountain as well that Rooney just loved staring at. 

Sunday we went on a walk, had room service, and really got to just have some one on one time. It was so nice to be with the family and take some time for just us. The boardwalk was so close to our room so we took the stroller out and enjoyed the nice breeze a few times a day! 

That night we had s’mores by the fire and it was the perfect ending. Snuggling by the fire with my love.  

If you are headed for a little getaway, it’s the perfect spot and best service! So glad we were able to stay there! 






I’m up nursing and blogging. This might become a regular thing who knows! This trip was over a year ago. I was coming off of the busiest and hardest year of my life. My mom wanted to go Iceland and I really wanted to go again so we booked a trip with some of our best friends. We stayed in a camper the whole time and drove all around the country. It was amazing. No bathrooms or showers but still amazing. I miss this trip so much and can’t wait til I can take one again with my mom!  

Side note, I actually found out I was pregnant on the flight home and miscarried about a week later and was pregnant with Rooney within a month. Kinda crazy how everything works but it just makes me laugh I found out I was pregnant on the plane! 💛 

Roo’s first Halloween

Halloween has come and gone sadly! It was so fun to dress up together this year and have her first costume!  

I had bought the bonnet right after she was born just to have for fun and then when Halloween rolled around it was perfect! I got her cute onesie from Loved Baby and the bonnet from Briar Handmade. Both 2 of my favorite companies!  

I wanted a costume this year that didn’t look like a full blown costume but was more cute, and I’m sure I’ll do it again in years to come. My sweater was from Free People and my pants were from American Apparel that I borrowed from a girlfriend. Jill did my makeup of course, and then on Halloween night I attempted it on my own and I feel like did a pretty good job! I really really loved the makeup. Then mane I wore was actually a fur hood from a winter coat that I safety pinned together. Who would have thought I’d have pretty much a whole lion costume just lying around. 

For Halloween day, we actually had a dog 🦁  costume. So Jack was a lion and Trent was our safari guide, lion tamer! He’s such a good sport to just roll with it. I’m so lucky to have him. 

I also came up with a few more fun little costumes for her and loved getting to just place dress up! She was a beach babe, a spider, a pilgrim, and an ice cream sundae! 💛💛 

thanks for taking these Courtney!!! 💛 

I hope everyone had a good holiday!!! 💛💛💛🦁



SNOO love

I have been sooooo excited to share this post because I stand behind it so much.  


When we brought Roo home, she was tiny. We are talking 5 pounds tiny. So we slept with her in our bed with the Dock-a-Tot for the first few weeks. Once she got a little bigger, we finally were ready to try out the SNOO.  

I want to start by saying that I know it’s pricey. But it is worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY.


Roo loves to be swaddled, and what baby doesn’t love to be rocked, am I right? So the SNOO comes with a body sack that velcros (is that a verb?) their hands down and has their legs zipped in. It is breathable and lightweight. 


I read in an article some time ago to put your baby to bed awake because then they help themselves fall asleep, so we have been trying that method with the SNOO. We lay her down with just a kimono top on (because she kicks out of her footies and wakes herself up) and turn on the SNOO, which has a built in relaxing sound as well the rocking motion. If she cries, it will pick up speed in hopes to calm them, but most the time she just falls asleep. She has consistently slept 6-8 hours a night and I truly think it is because of the SNOO. 

I’ve asked Trent to give his opinion below also, so that you can see it is not just me blowing smoke! 


Trent here: Em’s only saying these things because she’s getting paid! Jokes. The SNOO has been a life-saver because it puts Rooney to sleep and keeps her asleep. The biggest thing for me is that it’s connected to an app that allows us to control the rocking speed based on her mood, so we don’t have to wake her up to rock her. Two thumbs up from this guy.

Feel free to ask questions if you have any!!! 



How to help our children from bullying

When I saw Carissa's story, my heart broke. I couldn't imagine the pain a little girl felt from being bullied about her Eczema, something she couldn't prevent nor did she do anything to get it. From bullying about acne, skin deformations, or any deformation for that matter, our kids feel pain that they truly don't know how to navigate quite often.


When I had Rooney all I could think was I want to raise you to be a kind young woman and I want you to feel the love and give love to others around you. In a world where it is so hard to live up to expectations the biggest thing I hope to teach my children is kinds and to have a soft approach to others who might be different from them. 

AVENE is teaming up to raise awareness about Eczema and showing through Carissa's story. I love the result they found for Carissa and how they are able to help her and give her the support and love we want to show as examples around us. Head over to AVENE to see the full story! https://www.aveneusa.com/hope


I hope that as we raise the future generations we can focus on teaching them kindness and love to others around us. 

So right now what Avene is doing in an effort to help girls like Carissa, Avène is donating 100% of proceeds* from the “Kindness is Power” tote bag & kits to the Kind Campaign.

The kits are inspired by Carissa’s regimen of soothing essentials that helps her manage her eczema. The Kind Campaign’s mission is to bring awareness and healing to the negative and lasting effects of girl-against-girl bullying. To learn more about anti-bullying efforts, visit KindCampaign.com

The kit comes with their amazing Xera Calm Cream, Spring Water that is soft on your face, and a cleanser. This is great for anyone dealing with sensitive skin or eczema. It's also a great way to give back to an amazing campaign while getting an amazing product as well! 



JONES FAMILY | Great Salt Lake

not working a ton lately but this family sessions gives me all the feels!!! Email me for info for this fall or winter!